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You are here:Accueil > The thomistic periodical > The publications > 2015 - Volume CXV > Booklet number 3 > The articles > Réflexion sur Marín-Sola et Torre à propos de la grâce et la liberté
Thursday, 31 December 2015 13:00

Réflexion sur Marín-Sola et Torre à propos de la grâce et la liberté

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    Marín-Sola’s original work on grace and predestination is translated and further defended by Michael Torre in his book Do Not Resist the Spirit’s Call: Francisco Marín-Sola on Sufficient Grace. Earlier Marín-Sola, and today, Torre, argue that the authentic teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas opposes the account of grace and freedom articulated by the Dominican theologians at the Congregatio de Auxiliis. However, the exegesis of St. Thomas’s teaching presented by Marín-Sola and Torre does not do justice to the delicate metaphysical analysis instrumental in Thomas’s theology of grace and predestination. Failure to understand primary distinctions made by St. Thomas Aquinas that later became ordinary teaching among Thomists leads these authors to err in their interpretation of Aquinas, to confuse proponents of the Thomistic tradition with the proponents of Jansenism, and to misconstrue the magisterial teaching of the Church.

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