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You are here:Accueil > The thomistic periodical > The publications > 2015 - Volume CXV > Booklet number 3 > The articles > Le caractère sacramentel comme ordination au culte chez saint Thomas d’Aquin
Thursday, 31 December 2015 13:00

Le caractère sacramentel comme ordination au culte chez saint Thomas d’Aquin

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    Saint Thomas defines the sacramental character as "an ordination to the Divine worship according to the rite of Christian life." In this article, we take stock of the meaning of this phrase, which was used by the Second Vatican Council. In doing this, we use the Thomistic doctrine of religion and worship, which teaches that, in the case of the New Law, religion and worship essentially encompass the life of grace in its full extent. Since our worship is a participation in that of Christ, we recall what it means that Christ is Priest. Finally, we show that the sacramental character, according to Saint Thomas, is not a static reality but the source of a dynamism that is of Christ and conformed to Chirst. We look at how, in each sacrament that has a character, the Christian receives and communicates holy things in the unified exercise of thetria munera.

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Fr. Pavel Syssoev, né en 1977, est dominicain de la province de Toulouse. Il est titulaire d’un DEA de philosophie et d’une licence canonique en théologie. Directeur du studium de philosophie au couvent de Bordeaux, il prépare une thèse de doctorat en philosophie. En 2007, il a publié dans la Revue thomiste un article sur « l’Église — sacrement de l’unité chez Isaac de l’Étoile ».

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